Some personal observations. . .

Speaking the truth in times of
universal deceit is a
revolutionary act.

George Orwell


You might have noticed a new addition on top of the sidebar with the title “The Voice of the Pyramid”. This book only recently released has received some great praise from John Anthony West, rogue but highly respected Egyptologist, mystic, occult symbolist, anti-NWOist and anti-COPist (meaning Church of Progress). Before continuing, I will use his review to blow the Author’s horn for her. They are as follows –

“If I were a food critic charged with reviewing a meal that was the gastronomic equivalent of THE VOICE OF THE PYRAMID I’d approach that task well-nourished, intrigued … the preparation matched no known culinary tradition.”

The Voice in the Pyramid is “not academic Egyptology, nor any recognizable alternative Egyptology, and yet it ‘feels’ thoroughly Egyptian — supra-rational and at the same time, in its own way, accessible, a profound teaching that is not exactly in plain sight but that functions rather at the edges of inner peripheral vision.

“It is, indeed, a personal vision quest, the material derived from many deep meditation sessions (not to be confused with ‘channelers’ …) It’s not science, scholarship, symbolism or magic and yet it makes use of all, along the way conjuring up images, names and surprising indirect associations not necessarily specifically Egyptian: alchemical texts, Castaneda without the peyote, rainforest shamans minus the ayahuasca, crop circles… And there’s an urgency to it, obviously shared by the author and successfully conveyed. It keeps you (me, certainly!) reading.”

After spending an inordinate amount of time assisting Ms. Evans on all aspects of pre-production of this book, I had the opportunity to finally understand the message delivered by it in some depth by reading it ONLY for personal reasons like any other book. I must say, in reading it as it now stands, I will need to re-re-re-read it in full (not in a critical way, but because there is so much to “digest”, as JAW might say) again and again.

Find it here on Amazon and

Cathy Evans Author Page here

MML Press is also offering a $2.00 discount with purchase from our secure “The Voice of the Pyramid” E-store. Just add discount code MYMP6YNR when you check out.

I am currently 2 weeks away from releasing “Dreams of the Magus – Where Angels Fear to Tread” which is most directly a guide to liberation, revealing aspects of the “Enlightenment” process from the most basic to the advanced attitudes required of us as we place ourselves before our Source for our “final non-judgment” which takes place in every moment of every day. While I have been strongly influenced by certain teachers from a specifically small range of traditions, I have written this book in a way so it would be available to those who are not specifically involved in those same traditions, while those who are will recognize the influences. Specifics of these traditions matter not, for all paths do, indeed, lead to the same place, and can be simply deduced by reading this website and its blogs.

Dreams of the Magus has been a project that has been delayed for a variety of reasons, but in being consistent with my own ethos (and MML’s mission statement) I have been driven to finish it only so it can be shared. If some would be correct with popular theories, by making my “philosophies and attitudes” public in more depth than I have done so with this blog, I could be taking certain personal risk. However, due to the state of society (i.e. we, the people) at large, things must be said that could be considered dangerous and anti-social to the powers that be. It must be so if we are to build a new society and that community of peace that we so desire. This has not been, and is not being accomplished by any Whitehouse Administration or political body that I know of, but we all have our dreams. Of course, we also know by now that our personal spiritual and physical evolution is not a political issue, so we can’t look to our leaders to do what is important. Anyway, this is not to be considered a “plug” for my book “Dreams of the Magus” (that will come later), it is only “some personal observations” that I will be including with my postings on a more regular basis. ;D



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2 Responses to “Some personal observations. . .”

  1. Allfaaraa Says:


    Just read your stuff in amazon in the religious forum on Evil..

    I can see that you have Knowledge and from where you come.
    On one of your Blogs I read you Identify Lucifer as an Archangel,
    He is even More..

    You also have made the Conclusion that WE are ALL Lucifer,
    props to you again… Our individual conciousness is His Conciousness, are you aware yet of this?

    I am glad I came to your blog there is much here I have in common
    with what you write, it is something I have been searching for. Just give me One awakened person who Knows. As you know we are all experiencing at different levels.

    Pete it is good to Know you.

    Just so you know…there is Nowhere I fear to tread! lol 🙂

    Peace Allfaaraa Antaaraa Amaraa

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Hi Allfaaraa,

      Thank you so much for your comments – this is a huge topic with layer upon layer upon layer piled upon it, and so huge we can usually only address it a bit at a time (even in a book – I believe it will take a few volumes) as we sort through the stories we have taken for granted for too long. I will pose a question for your consideration –

      Could this force and its archetypal representative that we lovingly call Lucifer be the Ultimate Feminine? Consider certain indications…

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