Some More Observations

Yes, I must continue. I must say first that my methods might leave a lot to be desired in this highly-volatile information-age where everything happens in the blink of a digital eye. Unfortunately or not, I do not live in a digital world, but a natural one, and this life comes and goes in its rhythms. I have yet to develop a discipline (or rhythm) where I pace my postings with the result being smaller, quicker little spurts of data. I tend, at this point in my life, to have really large ejaculations (of information) with long periods between. So that’s that. . .

We are ALL looking for something, and for those of you who seek mystery outside of yourself, I am sorry to say that you are limiting your reality in a serious way. We go outside of ourselves even when we seek “spiritual fulfilment”. We do this not only with group affiliation, friends, and books, but with spirit guides, elemental royalty, angelic and olympic spirits. These non-physical contacts are a paradox, for even in the WMT, it is alluded to that these things come from within us, but by tradition, we work towards external manifestation. I must clarify that my statement above is said in a very broad way, and not at all critical way. The WMT is held closely to my heart (actually within it) and temples do do great work, as do temple members. I just find one thing is forgotten on a regular basis, and that is that we are individuals. We are all one in a Quantum sort of way, but we are individuals. By forgetting this, our ideas of communion get skewed just a little bit on a daily basis, and we need to remind ourselves that we are each on a personal path. We do not , and cannot,  join any Mystery Temple or School only because the perfect Mystery School lies within us. Each of our schools have common affiliation, and each offers its curriculum suited specifically for the one person attending. This is a good thing, because we each must approach Source in one way, and one way only – our path is an individual path. We each have one.

Bring these paths together in group, but follow no other than yourself. Learn from others and their traditions, but stay your course. Your pattern is no one else’s, and forgetting this will prevent any sort of true communion with others, because group identity easily overshadows the individual.

I have one final observation, and that is as follows:

Postings (even long ones) are easier to do than static webpages.

Again, and in choosing to be last,



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2 Responses to “Some More Observations”

  1. alex Says:

    The first part of this post reminded me of that very slick line from CWG: “If you don’t go within, you go without.” (And that’s somewhere I haven’t been for a very long time.)

    • Pete Madstone Says:


      Can’t say I remember that, but its true. I only read the first one, and remember it struck me as really Taoist-like (which has always been a big influence on me).

      Are you gettin’ in there now? ;D


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