Deception and the Beauty Within


how things can be hidden 

Recently I stumbled across an interesting forum discussion where I decided to get involved. It didn’t take long before someone confronted me with some typical rhetoric of “a beautiful world” and that we must deny the “ugliness that so often tempts us, and draws us away from God.” It was said that I must have some serious demons within me that I must deal with, and that I must seek peace to heal myself, something that is “so obviously needed.” Some comments about Tolle’s pain-body followed.

I am sure that I do have “demons within me”, and am thankful for this, for in the typical dualized-thought that is so popular in this world, I could not deny this. What I deny is any wickedness or evil within this quality. I say again and again, this aspect of ourselves cannot be denied if we wish to be whole, remember who we are, and reclaim what is ours.

Apparently, I dwell upon deception a bit too much for some who want to see a “la-de-da, isn’t this a beautiful world” reality. For me, this is outright denial of the gift of the Adversarial Quality that our One-Consciousness continually offers us so that we can see the beauty in life – not by denial, but by clarity.

Deception is not ugly, but it is seasonal, and it does not exist independently in a real sense, for it always has to be laid over any given truth that it is designed to hide. It needs something within it, something to support it, and that something is truth. Deception paradoxically is a blanket, or layers of blankets laid upon our beds which keep us warm and secure in the winters of our lives. We choose to use these blankets. When the world becomes more harsh and the storms blow hard outside our homes, we like those blankets. As the winter passes, we peel these blankets off our beds, one-by-one until the sun reaches its peak in the sky. The truth lies under these layers of blankets just as we do when the winter settles in, and all nature goes to sleep. Things are eventually exposed in the clear light of summer days, and in the clear light of mind.

Failure to examine or admit the existence of these blankets in your life will have you never see the truth that lies beneath them. Cast them off, as is so easily done, and see the glittering prize beneath. See the way deceptions function, and when the following winters comes, you will not be controlled by them.

Our winter has come to an end – our spring is well-established and a new summer floats on the horizon of another new age. Everything is being brought to light for us all, and within us all – even if we fail to see this. All things exist to reveal truth, for life as we experience it is an evolving, symbolic metaphor.


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15 Responses to “Deception and the Beauty Within”

  1. alex Says:

    Reminds me of a time I was approached by a Christian outside a mall in Brighton. I told her my story and she replied that she would pray for me – I had obviously found the Lord and then lost my way. Great, I said, pray – whatever works for you.

  2. Pete Madstone Says:

    Yeah, I’d accept the prayer, as well, but I can’t promise it would work if it’s a prayer to pull me back into the church.

  3. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker Says:

    Seeing only beauty in the world is not what lead me to my own spiritual knowings. It was the darkness of incest and the family disease of alcoholism that opened that door for me. It wasn’t only seeing the beauty of the world which I do appreciate but the pain of going through the hurt, rage, and grief of my incest issues which brought me to my own path of Light. I have many New Age friends who want to only concentrate on the goodness of life but I have learned that is to be in denial. You can’t have good without bad, light without dark, love without fear, detachment without attachment in this world of duality that we live in. It is because of the darkness that I have discovered my purpose for being where I am and who I am today.

  4. korakaos Says:

    I have been studying Tolle recently myself. May we always seek clarity and try to observe the truth 🙂

    Tolle asks us to recognize that these things exist, too. It is the whole “we are already living in Heaven” part that I have a problem with. He says that our ultimate selves do not judge, but that merely our egos do. Either way, my ego is doing a lot of judging 😉

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Hi, for me it is not that this exists or not, it is clear that this is an important aspect of Self that must be known, explored, felt deeply and loved. It is not about ‘pain body’ to me. Heaven is not even a concept that has value, since all things ‘good’ directly imply a tangible existence of its opposite. I am focussed directly on balance and rectification – synthesis af all things into one. As far as judging goes – ouch. It hurts me every time I do it, but I’m learning. Thanks for coming; and good work on your blog!

      PAX et LVX

  5. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker Says:

    Pete, thanks for visiting and asking if I would like to exchange links. I have no problem with exchanging links. I will add your blog to my blog roll and will even put a link to you in one of my next few articles on fear.

    When I first started my blog about 2 1/2 years ago, my direction was about my spiritual journey as it is now. Now I have taken a slightly different direction. It is still about my journey but it is mainly about my recovery from incest. I use my blog to help other incest survivors find their own way through the hard times of being an incest survivor.

    Are you sure that you want to be linked to a blog mainly focused on reaching out to incest survivors? That is the way that my spiritual journey came about. Because of the incest, I finally found my way to a God of my understanding.

    Like you, because of my beliefs about a man who today lives in India, some people want to pray for me and have even told me that I will one day wake up in Hell because I don’t believe as they do. I believe in the ideas (at least some of them) that I was taught as a child. I just believe in so much more than that, as well. As I grow and experience more of my life’s journey, my ideas about God and the Universe change and grow bigger too.

    The darkness of life that I focus on is incest and how it affected and changed my life.

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Hi Patricia,

      On the surface it may seem that our blogs address different “subjects”, but the essence and message is the same, if only to a different group of people. Our attitudes do stand on the same foundation – one of strength, spiritual integrity, empowerment, and the joy of life through self-examination. Your insights hit the proverbial “nail on the head”, and seekers are, after all, seekers. If someone comes to you through me and relates to your work, I would be happy to be there for you.

      I will however, use a wordpress feature that I haven’t yet taken advantage of before now. I will describe your blog in “25 words or less” – plus or minus, so that when anyone hovers over your link on my blogroll, they can read of your general direction and subject matter. Then you won’t get they uninterested or confrontational. I’d like to support you, but only if you feel right about it. You never know who could be empowered by your message, even if not incest survivors.

      Peace and Light to you, my dear, and keep growing larger!


  6. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker Says:

    Thank you, Pete. I would be honored to accept your support. I will write up an article in the next few days and link back to your blog. I appreciate the support from whatever direction it comes.

  7. siderealview Says:

    I love that you take it out of context, turn it round to the light and sometimes, but not always, put it back in its box…. and while I aDORED Tolle in book form I have trouble with listening to his videos… he said he was drawn to move tothe Pacific NW but ‘couldnt take’ California, so settled in BC… and this is from a man who has no pain body, no judgement… even his spirit guides are given a talking-to!

    otoh, what you say is great: we can’t deny what we spend a lifetime coming to terms with, finding a point of equilibrium, but there are indeed snatches of that ‘perfection’ in the air – I love it when things start to go ‘as I wish’. Thank you.

    Nuntius dixit: et pax et lux ave Pete

    x Marian

    • Pete Madstone Says:


      You’re no so bad yourself. I thought I was reading a note I sent to myself, which was confirmed by my signature, but then, ooops, there you are.

      For crying out loud!

      pax vobis, quoque


  8. siderealview Says:

    actually I was drawn to comment in Latin because you & korakaos were being so familiar (2nd person singular) with each other & I was tempted to say
    ‘et tu Pete’ and then thought better of it…. how remarkable tho’, that your nickname does make a great vocative…. 🙂 enough erudition – back to the PRESENT. Thank you for what you are doing here.

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      I also go just by Madstone, so things do get more familiar. Of course we could go with the G. Peter.

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