As Time Unfolds

Dreams of the Magus - G. Peter Madstone

Madstone Mystery Labs (and Pete!) are happy, if not ecstatic, to announce the release of Pete’s new book “Dreams of the Magus – Where Angels Fear to Tread.”

Over the coming days – you will find more information regarding this long-awaited book in “Madstone Contents” on the sidebar to the right under Books and Authors, Dreams of the Magus. For now I will provide you with the following, as included as back-cover text on the book.

What if one day you suddenly woke up knowing that your whole life has been just a dream? What would you do? Where would you go?

Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread,

and only fools can truly know the potential of All That Is. Profoundly affective, Dreams of the Magus tells a story, your story, in a way that both gently guides and questions, and digs and probes until you realize that you are going places that only you can go.

 Dreams of the Magus will dare you to question all that you know: all that you are certain of. It will take you away from the life you live, and then safely deliver you back to this life having been changed only by yourself, and by what you have determined from the journey you have taken. It will dare you to go to places in your mind which you have forgotten, those places only you know exist, and bring them into a higher place. You will gain new perspectives on what your life has always been, and you will discover answers to those things that your teachers, leaders and peers have never wanted you to question.

If you have been enjoying my postings and articles on this blog, you are sure to enjoy “Dreams of the Magus”. I kid you not, it’s a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, while I gather a few early reviews from collegues, compatriots and industry madmen and madwomen alike, and develop press and media packages, you will find this book at
barnes and
and all your favorite bookstore by order

Suffice it to say that you already need to know all you need to be certain that your purchase of this book is a wise one, so there really is no need to wait.

Also, be sure to check out “The Voice Continues” blog for the follow-up adventures and thoughts of author of  The Voice of the Pyramid by Cathy Evans.


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