The Voice of the Pyramid – Press Release

For Immediate Release

PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 25, 2010

“The Pyramids Speak,” says Author Cathy Evans,

“and they speak of greater times that have long since passed, and greater times to come.”

All things are in their places,” says Cathy Evans, mystic, and author The “Voice of the Pyramid – a Blueprint for the Coming Age”. In “The Voice of the Pyramid”, Cathy tells us that the time is now – we have been fooling around for too long with things that are not only unimportant, but wasteful. We have been procrastinating on what must be done, and that is our own development and evolution so that we will take our rightful place within the scheme of things. We are poised for something that is completely unexpected and unplanned for in our little world.

John Anthony West, Egyptologist and scholar, has said that The Voice of the Pyramid is “supra-rational and at the same time, in its own way, accessible, a profound teaching that is not exactly in plain sight but that functions rather at the edges of inner peripheral vision

The Voice of the Pyramid is now available at

Amazon Online
Barnes and Noble Online

And is listed in Book In Print, so can be ordered from your
favorite local bookseller.

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