The Cell has Divided

Due to the amount of personal email I have been receiving regarding “Dreams of the Magus”, I have happily decided to devote a blog to this book, and will no longer be using the Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc. website for the purpose of handling items concerned with this book.

Admittedly, the new layout I have chosen had a big influence in this decision, for while I had been pondering the idea over the last couple of months, when I finally saw this layout with its colors and flexibilty, I knew the time had come – and so it is.

You can find this website at or on the DotM banner at the top of the sidebar to the right.

I hope to see direct involvement with this blog, comments (upon comments upon comments) pertaining to the book and those ideas that it inspires in you. I also hope that you enjoy and are stimulated by the ideas I present in blog postings, for this is where conversation can truly take place. The other pages on this blog are fixed pages for informative purposes only, but I also supply a contact page for your private contact.

Bearing this in mind, this blog also serves as a media package providing informaton to the book industry itself – reviewers and other professionals can also contact me via this form. You will find a link to this form on the Navigation menu entitled “Contact Madstone”.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm – I hope to see you there soon.



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