Contradict Yourself One Last Time

How do you see yourself?

Nothing in or about this world can limit us or lessen us in our greatness (not capacity for) or our ability to exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions, for, as I have said before, we do consistently and always exist in a much larger and complex reality whether we realize it, acknowledge it or care for it. Ignorance can feign bliss.

It is our folly to think ourselves small.

It is our response to being in this world that can be a yoke restraining certain understanding, for we become fascinated with it — we are mesmerized and hypnotized by the glamours that surround us in this matrix that we ourselves design and perceive.

We fall for the limited information that is provided by our physical senses in this physical world as if there is no other source of information. We limit ourselves by believing the picture we see is the whole of reality. We don’t believe the images and stories shown in movies are the whole of reality, but the movie that continues in our own lives has got to be it.

The END…

We have become lazy and apathetic because what our five senses provide us with is so easy to grasp — it is all so accessible.

Our subtler senses, however, are elusive in comparison, so we generally can’t be bothered with them or with interpreting the information they provide. We thrill ourselves with the occasional peripheral activity caught by our eye, or the synchronicity of a phone call from someone we just thought of. Well — welcome to nursery school.

Meanwhile, our subtler and more refined senses continue to function without our attention, and they continue to provide us with valuable information that we could not survive without. Behind the scenes are forces and players conducting things with our participation in our higher states, while we go stumbling along in our condensed realities. All this we choose to ignore, and essentially now take completely for granted. Our hearts continue to beat without any effort on our part, but when it stops, we do pay attention.

We shortchange ourselves and then wonder why such feelings of incompleteness and sorrow continue to creep into our lives.

We could have it another way….

We could be more spontaneous and playful with ourselves, and less reflexive and reactive to others and the events that life presents us.

We could be more innocent and childlike and respond to things more simply and honestly.

We could be a little more graceful, and less selfish.

We could contradict ourselves one last time.


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6 Responses to “Contradict Yourself One Last Time”

  1. kether1985 Says:

    Great post Pete!

    Some of these idea’s remind me of some points in the book “How To Win Friends & Influence People” – gives me a refresher and a new look on it – kind of kicks me around a little bit to find any areas I may be neglecting – very helpful.


    • Pete Madstone Says:


      Read that one sooo long ago, and don’t really know how it might have “infuenced” me. Andrew Carnegie is one of the few (maybe the only) of the industrialists that I might consider truly altruistic. Dale I don’t know anything about, being born into the BIG money (where Andrew worked his way up from a mesenger boy.

      Glad you enjoyed it, Simranjeet!

  2. kether1985 Says:

    Oh that pictures is pretty sweet too! Is it Alex Gray?

  3. kether1985 Says:

    I ended up going a Marijuana convention here in Colorado … one of the first ever in the US. It was really amazing. I found a booth that was selling shirts with his paintings upon so I bought one.. it’s the one with the guy meditation – showing the chakras inside the body! Really amazing shirt!

    Take it easy my friend.

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