Living With Madness

Yes, give me madness–crisp, beautiful, sparkling, living madness!

As the Universe spews out of the great Abyss, I stand eternal, watching all things arise from nothing.

What is this that we are all poised to do, but know not what it is that we do? What is this that we can witness outside of the world of sanity which sleeps, outside of the sanity which covers the minds of those who sleep with a cold blanket of deception.

Why would I choose to suffer when I can dance with Life Itself? Why would I desire to put myself in a box covered with labels and tags and resumés of my accomplishments, fixing what is unfixable and condemning  my soul to the frozen wastelands of normalcy? Why would I cripple myself?

Why would I not just be and not just create as I am created in each and every moment, unfettered by the restrictions caused by what I think of myself, what others think of me, or yes, even what god thinks of me–for I am this god.

The Aton-ement

I Am That, and in that madness I remain. I remain on the edge of my rapidly collapsing world, on the edge of this Abyss which is filled with the 10,000 things that continually dissolve into nothing only to be recreated. I stand on the edge of this empty place as the Lord God of Knowledge, while It awaits my command that the Kingdom fill its appointment, taking its place back upon the Tree of Life, shining above me like a blue star.

I Am that– Tat vam asi.


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10 Responses to “Living With Madness”

  1. DancingWind Says:

    I choose to DANCE with Life itself!
    The Blue Star gives light for re-birth.
    Lady Truth

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Greetings, and welcome to my space, Lady Truth.

      The Dance is truly Life itself, and all will be seen if we only look.


  2. Helios Says:

    OH classic ! the frozen wasteland of normalcy, LOVE THIS ! Why in the world is so many reading Eckhart Tolle etc,,, You need to be the Inspiration of the day ! Superb !

    -L. Meyer.

  3. kether1985 Says:

    Knowledge of our unending, undying creative selves…

    Rising above what everyone thinks we must dwell in…

    Epic post Pete!

  4. siderealview Says:

    Thank the Universe for Madstone! You and Allen Ginsberg following your inner moonlight… it does no good to hide the madness… I remember F Scott Fitz saying something like ‘everybody’s youth is a dream, a kind of chemical madness’. What he omitted to say was that if we continue in our ‘youth’, its chemistry will guide us more than we know.

    The Celtis had a youthful god, Oengus, the ‘forever young’. Their idea of ‘heaven’ was Tir na n’Og – the Land of Foreveer Young. I think that’s what I consider my metier: pretty soon reality will catch up with me… I hope! Trick is not to look in the mirror!

    Thanks Pete
    PAX ET LVX ET POTESTAS ET JUVENTAS or as the old (English) university song says: Gaudeamus igitur juvenes dum sumus – wow wish I’d listened at the time – would have set me up for a whole ‘nother life… well, I’m working on it

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Driven by youth – yes!

      “Condemned (if I got that right, I got no latin in me — yet) by youth…” — only youth finally tempered by wisdom. Of course, Cathy likes to say we are doomed to a life of perfection, so yessireee, Carpe Diem, at any age. Got to look in a mirror, though, to remind me of the illusion of the mask I choose to wear, one that is changing (or morphing?) every day.

  5. siderealview Says:

    p.s. psychic to the last – thanks for beiing so tuned in… I submitted to Hierophant this week… did you?

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Nope, not yet, my manuscript is in the hands of another, so out of professional respect, I will have to wait a bit. Cathy’s will be going off pretty quick. Let’s go get ’em!

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