The Golden Flower and the Next Step

I have just extended Thoughts and the Golden Flower, including a discussion on the substance of thought, and the next step that would be taken in this practice that I refer to the Golden Flower method of self-discipline.

Some might say that this is where I depart from the original practice, but I have never been good at dogma anyway. If, for those who are still satisfied with my interpretation of turning the light around, there is some disagreement , it would have to be on my attitude and philosophy of the practice itself.

Of course this could be said about my attitudes and philosophies in regards to traditional dogmas and doctrines in ALL arenas of thought and religion. Don’t get me wrong — I love ALL religions of the world, and have studied them for all of my adult life. It is only when piety prevents growth that I move on.

You see, we are different today than we have ever been, and our evolution is quickly delivering us to a place that requires LIFE be injected into our realities for us to survive. If, even from “Joe the Plumber’s” point-of-view, we can justify a lack of change and growth by spouting rhetoric that our beliefs ARE alive, then I would have to challenge this, as well.

And so, my apologies go out to those who feel I am incorrigible and irreverent for my perspectives, but these will not be swayed by the status-quo. My apologies are also fairly shallow, for I cannot be responsible for the way you feel, even if you are disturbed by the things I say…

Anyway, all is in perspective with the power of true spirit and the mind of the human being who chooses to challenge themselves and all that is around them. If I had a hat, it would be off to you.

View Thoughts and the Golden Flower here


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2 Responses to “The Golden Flower and the Next Step”

  1. siderealview Says:

    Thank you for your proferred hat, Madstone and for helping direct the traffic of my mind. A meditator for so long, I probably forget I’m using a technique to allow my thoughts to pass on by – but in using your Golden Flower you revitalize and give me a (left-brain)Way. I didn’t write immediately, as you suggest the practice grows as you practise – and you’re right. Can’t wait for the Open Space to be revealed when I learn to direct my traffic off 805 on to the Grapevine!!! Actually crossmatching my reading of your work, I wonder if your wonderful reptilian friend in that sunny park in another time/space continuum came from the same golden space. That by the by, you assume people know the G.Flower technique – your words above imply you are departing from a considered norm. I am innocent of all of that, so however you proceed, it will be a revelation… I already ‘feel’ the heaviness of the traffic on my right side leaving in droves – great stuff. Roll on ‘next step’… Marian

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Hi Marian,

      I am still not at all certain who this reptilian is – maybe some cross-hybrid, long term compatriate of the Sirians. I bring up more info to keep you fed, but you must know that while clearing comprehension of the Left, the Golden Flower brings the right into play ON EQUAL TERMS, which is actually an enhancement of both lobes, for they begin to work in concert in a most paradoxical way. Also, while full and complete in on its own, I like to use this method, among some others, simply as a platform for right brain journeys (ala Jill Bolte Taylor) that can be fully understood and accepted by the left. It becomes a pretty cool experience to go beyond psychedelic and still be able to comprehend it.

      I’ll have you cross to the other side (in a different way) soon.

      Lotsa luv!

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