A Night in the Temple of the Moon (via Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc.)

Dug out of the archives due to a recent comment by my comrade Richard Gordon. We were discussing the dangers of what I’ll simply call multidimensional work and the risk of dealing with very real entities from those realms. Admittedly, pain and turmoil can be inflicted by those beings as evidenced by Ed Talbot in his workings with John Dee, but, after all is said and done, we are all still here to varying degrees (e.g. Sid Barrett of early Pink Floyd fame). Regardless, I will continue to stand by the fact that these are places some of us must go, and it may be possible that we may not consciously bring fear into a situation, fears may arise from deep within after the fact.


A Night in the Temple of the Moon Yesterday evening was a waning full moon in Virgo, with the sun (of course) opposing my own sun sign while it spends this month in Pisces. It might have been unfortunate, but also obvious that this would be a night I would find myself entering the Temple of the Moon, where Isis, the Great Mother dwells. She draws me in as she must, for the darkness must always draw in the light. As usual, this trip is unexpected, at least as far as my agendas and … Read More

via Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc.


2 Responses to “A Night in the Temple of the Moon (via Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc.)”

  1. kether1985 Says:

    Ah yeah John Dee… Michael Tsarion has some interesting information on him communicating with what he called the Macrobes. I’m not sure which documentary he talks about that in though.


    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Hi Nate!

      Yeah, the macrobe thing, to be honest, got a good laugh out of me when I heard it from MT. If the man found himself immersed in a massive love-being he would probably think it was a reptilian overseer. Sorry, all humor aside, the man does have his place, and I have enjoyed his work, but like Icke, not everything has to be so picked apart to find the seed of evil in it.

      Just my opinion, though, and in spite of these harsh words over a small difference, I will continue to check in on him. He HAS done some incredible work and research – like John Dee.

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