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The Golden Flower and the Next Step

June 4, 2010

I have just extended Thoughts and the Golden Flower, including a discussion on the substance of thought, and the next step that would be taken in this practice that I refer to the Golden Flower method of self-discipline.

Some might say that this is where I depart from the original practice, but I have never been good at dogma anyway. If, for those who are still satisfied with my interpretation of turning the light around, there is some disagreement , it would have to be on my attitude and philosophy of the practice itself.

Of course this could be said about my attitudes and philosophies in regards to traditional dogmas and doctrines in ALL arenas of thought and religion. Don’t get me wrong — I love ALL religions of the world, and have studied them for all of my adult life. It is only when piety prevents growth that I move on.

You see, we are different today than we have ever been, and our evolution is quickly delivering us to a place that requires LIFE be injected into our realities for us to survive. If, even from “Joe the Plumber’s” point-of-view, we can justify a lack of change and growth by spouting rhetoric that our beliefs ARE alive, then I would have to challenge this, as well.

And so, my apologies go out to those who feel I am incorrigible and irreverent for my perspectives, but these will not be swayed by the status-quo. My apologies are also fairly shallow, for I cannot be responsible for the way you feel, even if you are disturbed by the things I say…

Anyway, all is in perspective with the power of true spirit and the mind of the human being who chooses to challenge themselves and all that is around them. If I had a hat, it would be off to you.

View Thoughts and the Golden Flower here


Taming the Freeway of the Mind

May 16, 2010

I would like to call attention to a page I have added to The Science of Meditation called “Thoughts and the Golden Flower” found here:


The Golden Flower is considered a highly advanced method of meditation by both informed occasional practitioners and adepts of meditative practices alike. Needless to say, this does not need to be to gain certain advantages to this science of “turning the light around”, or, for my purposes, turning the thoughts around. Of course, I do face certain harsh criticism by some “purists” for even suggesting that a neophyte begin this practice, but spiritual elitism has no place in issues of enlightenment.

While I do NOT go into this method in depth at this point, in “Thoughts and the Golden Flower,” I present the most fundamental aspects of this technique that will allow anyone who possesses the small amount of patience it takes to meditate an opportunity to benefit from this wonderful approach that promises the slowing down of the incessant chatter in the mind. You will realize quickly how ridiculous and out of control your mind has been, and you will certainly question the fact that man is a superior product on this planet.

So, let’s have some fun and jump right into the middle of this freeway we call our mind and really begin to learn something useful for a change.

A Night in the Temple of the Moon

March 4, 2010

Yesterday evening was a waning full moon in Virgo, with the sun (of course) opposing my own sun sign while it spends this month in Pisces. It might have been unfortunate, but also obvious that this would be a night I would find myself entering the Temple of the Moon, where Isis, the Great Mother dwells. She draws me in as she must, for the darkness must always draw in the light. As usual, this trip is unexpected, at least as far as my agendas and plans are concerned. I usually like to prepare for my trips, but spontaneity can take the reins whether we like it or not.Some might say it was an unfortunate time to enter this Temple of Darkness, others serendipitous. Both are irrelevant, for here I was, surprisingly by choice, but here nonetheless. Being here always encourages one to face and address those things one has hidden in their own dark temples of the mind, and this is what was thrust upon me. Darkness does cooperate with its own kind, and so the pain began to coalesce within me. As the layers are peeled away, it is all there for me to see once again — yes, again. This is a pain I am well too familiar with, one I thought I had reconciled — but no….

Now it stands before me naked, stripped of all accoutrements, accessories and masks, naked before me as I am naked before it. There is nothing I can hide and nothing left to hide because everything I am is displayed openly before Goddess and the Universe.

One cannot begin to approach the deep truth and beauty of Isis unless they are purified. We must be pure of heart, thought, intention and desire. If we are not, and in this moment I am not, then she will help you rid yourself of the lies and the drivel we surround ourselves with. Isis has her own special way of doing this with the tenderness and ferocity of a lioness. Some might call it an exercise in tough-love, but I am a willing student — so my class begins.

Things  begin with standard self-examination as the doors are opened and then slowly intensify with thrashings and spankings interspersed with water-breaks, so to speak, only to continue. This goes on until I go to bed, thinking only of sleep and rejuvenation. However, I remain in this Temple of the Goddess as I pass into my sleep and quickly deeper into REM state. I remain in this Temple throughout the night, facing pains and demons of my own creation that apparently were only swept under the rug in years gone by, sometimes repeatedly. I remain in this place until I awaken the next morning, where I am left exhausted, empty and desolate — simply cast away.

All these pains and thrashings of the night have cleansed me (for the time being), and as I stand to face the day completely disjointed, I begin to mimic waking life without any life left in me. I remain apart from my normal reality throughout this day without finding any consolation in knowing that it is only an empty cup that can be filled.

I say a silent prayer:

“I am emptied so that I can be filled — full beyond overflowing so that I might share, so that I might give of all that passes through me in abundance.

“I give not for myself, but give because it is simply in my nature. I am as a tree that gives of its fruit, and gives of its fullness.

“I give not because I want to give, but because I must. I make no plans to give, I do so only because I exist.

“I give now without plan or effort, spilling what is within me wherever I go, and without discrimination.

“I give so that I might be empty, only to be filled again.”

This day I walked empty — void of emotion, thought, desire and agenda. This day I walked in pain from having pain torn from me, and I walk, waiting to be filled again.

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