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Living With Madness

May 5, 2010

Yes, give me madness–crisp, beautiful, sparkling, living madness!

As the Universe spews out of the great Abyss, I stand eternal, watching all things arise from nothing.

What is this that we are all poised to do, but know not what it is that we do? What is this that we can witness outside of the world of sanity which sleeps, outside of the sanity which covers the minds of those who sleep with a cold blanket of deception.

Why would I choose to suffer when I can dance with Life Itself? Why would I desire to put myself in a box covered with labels and tags and resumés of my accomplishments, fixing what is unfixable and condemning  my soul to the frozen wastelands of normalcy? Why would I cripple myself?

Why would I not just be and not just create as I am created in each and every moment, unfettered by the restrictions caused by what I think of myself, what others think of me, or yes, even what god thinks of me–for I am this god.

The Aton-ement

I Am That, and in that madness I remain. I remain on the edge of my rapidly collapsing world, on the edge of this Abyss which is filled with the 10,000 things that continually dissolve into nothing only to be recreated. I stand on the edge of this empty place as the Lord God of Knowledge, while It awaits my command that the Kingdom fill its appointment, taking its place back upon the Tree of Life, shining above me like a blue star.

I Am that– Tat vam asi.


The Universe as a Sub Sandwich

April 5, 2010

I would like  to begin with an apology to all vegetarians out in the world, for while it is possible to make a sandwich without meat, the Sub Sandwich does include fleshy ingredients. Since the universe contains so many ingredients, I thought the Sub would fit nicely. Also, because of the variety of ways that we experience things within our collective consciousness, and because at least a small part of our universe currently does include carnivorous ways, it was a simple choice for me to call our universe a Sub Sandwich. There are, however, a few vegetables in this sandwich, so if you are a vegetarian, you are represented here. Of course, it might be an inconvenience, but you can remove the meat if you wish, or even make your own sandwich. In my model, I choose to let the meat remain so as not to exclude any one person or reality.

Also, while I don’t believe it is of great import at this point or for this demonstration, I will mention that (if I am not mistaken or not up to date) within the scientific community, the currently accepted number of dimensions in our universe is 10 (plus 1). If this is so, we do have a good number of ingredients in this universe called a sandwich, which pretty much requires that i make it a Sub Sandwich. I would be hard-pressed to make a Veggie Sub, but i am sure it could be done with suitable expertise.

For my purposes, I will refer here to dimensions as ingredients, and it matters not that the sandwich and its ingredients may be somewhat flat realities. Some dimensions may in reality be flat, and certainly many are not, but the later would not fit into a functional sandwich. It is much easier if our ingredients are flat, which is why we slice our tomatoes.

So what is a sandwich? A sandwich is multiple layers of varying independent ingredients (read ‘dimensions’), each with their own textures and flavors (read ‘realities’), laid one upon the other to combine great variety into a cohesive, tangible product (read ‘reality’ again). In this finished product, we have a mixture of different realities that combine to make a whole that seems to be singular in itself.

Let’s get to work now —

First we have the bread. This is the base of our sandwich which everything else will rest upon. It is our foundation — everything is supported by this reality. Then comes the garnish. Mayonnaise, mustard, and who knows what else? These near liquid ingredients (for the last time — read ‘dimensions’), while independent in and of themselves, quickly penetrate the surface of the bread, bonding to it while intermixing with each other and being changed by this alchemical process. The bread is also changed by this penetration and interaction, illustrating that any one dimension can and will always be influenced by another.

Next, we place a variety of sliced meats one atop the other. These ingredients, as all are, are also obviously complete as themselves, but once involved with a greater reality, such as a sandwich, each will become a part of this whole — our sandwich. Each new ingredient will begin to exert its own influence upon what will be our sandwich, and our sandwich would be incomplete without them. All are connected, assimilated, synthesized.

Okay — so now we add some cheese, or cheeses. More and differing flavors are now already intermingling with the others, and are now influencing and being influenced by one another. Each reality is always changed by the other.

Now we must add some lettuce and a good amount of tomato slices. This becomes a very fluid and unpredictable dimension, slipping and sliding around mostly within the sandwich, but tomatoes as a dimension are so unstable with all their soft flesh, seeds and juices.

A few pickle slices are added to this layer of tomatoes, and with their structure and rippled sides, they help to stabilize  what is becoming potentially extremely precarious. These are a somewhat bizarre and interesting addition to our sandwich, in that there are so few and that they are far between, but they do serve as a glue, of sorts, in our sandwich.

At this point, we need only to apply some more garnish of our choice to the top and final ingredient — another piece of bread. This garnish will, of course, destabilize anything functional the pickles might be doing with our creation. We place this piece of bread on top of the whole thing and we are done. We have a nice little package full of surprises just before us. A new universe has been born as a singular and whole reality. Now all we need to do is jump in and participate with our creation.

Bread on top and bread on the bottom, each perfect reflections of each other, each one and the same. As above, so below — as below, so above. Keter is in Malkhut and Malkhut is in Keter, both with different purposes, and both with the same, for again, they are the same. 

The universe as a Sub Sandwich.

I will skip over the plate of fries as a universe, for as interesting as it may be, it is constantly changing in its easily disturbed way, and a universe of fries might seem a bit mundane. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

There is another universe that cannot be overlooked here, for this one is extremely important. This is the universe as dessert. Some would say this is the best universe of all. Without going into detail, we could consider this universe to be a heavenly one — we could consider it as Heaven Itself.

Consider the following — I would speculate that for those of us on a spiritual path, the attainment of what I will loosely call heaven (read dessert) may not be a matter of elevation to a higher plane of existence in our own universe, but may actually be a simple choice, a simple shift to the side, a shift to another universe altogether. It may be that we don’t have to climb tediously and exhaustively up and up into higher “dimensions” at all to reach our goal, but just have to put down our sandwich, slide the plate over a bit, and make room in front of us for another plate  — that plate with the dessert on it. Just by changing what we put our attention on will change our reality.

We can finish our sandwiches and fries before moving onto desert if we like, but we don’t have to. We can chow down on dessert anytime, or we can eat a little of our Sub, then a bite of dessert, then some fries, and so on. There are no rules. We can jump from dimension to dimension, and from universe to universe anytime we choose, in any order we choose, but just remember, when moving on to dessert, don’t forget to bring your fork or spoon.

A Night in the Temple of the Moon

March 4, 2010

Yesterday evening was a waning full moon in Virgo, with the sun (of course) opposing my own sun sign while it spends this month in Pisces. It might have been unfortunate, but also obvious that this would be a night I would find myself entering the Temple of the Moon, where Isis, the Great Mother dwells. She draws me in as she must, for the darkness must always draw in the light. As usual, this trip is unexpected, at least as far as my agendas and plans are concerned. I usually like to prepare for my trips, but spontaneity can take the reins whether we like it or not.Some might say it was an unfortunate time to enter this Temple of Darkness, others serendipitous. Both are irrelevant, for here I was, surprisingly by choice, but here nonetheless. Being here always encourages one to face and address those things one has hidden in their own dark temples of the mind, and this is what was thrust upon me. Darkness does cooperate with its own kind, and so the pain began to coalesce within me. As the layers are peeled away, it is all there for me to see once again — yes, again. This is a pain I am well too familiar with, one I thought I had reconciled — but no….

Now it stands before me naked, stripped of all accoutrements, accessories and masks, naked before me as I am naked before it. There is nothing I can hide and nothing left to hide because everything I am is displayed openly before Goddess and the Universe.

One cannot begin to approach the deep truth and beauty of Isis unless they are purified. We must be pure of heart, thought, intention and desire. If we are not, and in this moment I am not, then she will help you rid yourself of the lies and the drivel we surround ourselves with. Isis has her own special way of doing this with the tenderness and ferocity of a lioness. Some might call it an exercise in tough-love, but I am a willing student — so my class begins.

Things  begin with standard self-examination as the doors are opened and then slowly intensify with thrashings and spankings interspersed with water-breaks, so to speak, only to continue. This goes on until I go to bed, thinking only of sleep and rejuvenation. However, I remain in this Temple of the Goddess as I pass into my sleep and quickly deeper into REM state. I remain in this Temple throughout the night, facing pains and demons of my own creation that apparently were only swept under the rug in years gone by, sometimes repeatedly. I remain in this place until I awaken the next morning, where I am left exhausted, empty and desolate — simply cast away.

All these pains and thrashings of the night have cleansed me (for the time being), and as I stand to face the day completely disjointed, I begin to mimic waking life without any life left in me. I remain apart from my normal reality throughout this day without finding any consolation in knowing that it is only an empty cup that can be filled.

I say a silent prayer:

“I am emptied so that I can be filled — full beyond overflowing so that I might share, so that I might give of all that passes through me in abundance.

“I give not for myself, but give because it is simply in my nature. I am as a tree that gives of its fruit, and gives of its fullness.

“I give not because I want to give, but because I must. I make no plans to give, I do so only because I exist.

“I give now without plan or effort, spilling what is within me wherever I go, and without discrimination.

“I give so that I might be empty, only to be filled again.”

This day I walked empty — void of emotion, thought, desire and agenda. This day I walked in pain from having pain torn from me, and I walk, waiting to be filled again.

Has Anyone Seen the Light?

March 3, 2010

The following event took place last year in the late spring in the southwest of France. I was in the process of building my dream home (and still am) without any money, and without any tangible way of finding any. During those days, I was simply doing what I could do with 300 Euros worth of bags of mortar and a pile of rocks salvaged by hand and wheelbarrow. In other words, I was building a  rock foundation for my house that needed to be built before anything else was built, no matter what my building budget might have been, or where that budget might come from. And so it goes…

It is a beautiful day, although I am feeling a bit out of sorts, fatigued maybe. A cool Spanish wind is blowing in from the south, carrying with it the stories of more exotic lands and those who live in far-off places. As it passes by me, I know this wind picks up my story as well (or rather the essence of my story), only to carry it to those on its future path who have ears hear the song it sings — those who live in the lands of northern France, Denmark and possibly even Norway.

A big gust of wind  strikes me and blasts through my immediate surroundings, blowing over our old French bicycle, a three-speed Renault that was a top-of-the-line model in Grandmother’s day. The bicycle lands with a crash and the wheels begin to spin ever so quickly. My attention is drawn to this local mishap, and the wind stops. Something is in the air –something now crisp, sharp somehow and very still. There is a taste and smell in the air much like ozone after a lightning strike.

Just prior, I was in the process of gathering rocks into one central area, as they were strewn around our land — these are rocks that were casually dumped from place to place as I aquired them and I was now taking stock in preparation to build a mortared-rock wall. I squat now for a brief rest and to admire my now single, large pile of rocks. Something has settled over me, but settled might not be the right word,  for this is crisp and immediate — it is a calm-after the storm, but  there is also something is so precise in this. It is defined and focussed but I cannot place it. Suddenly in my stillness I become alert — this is not calm at all, this is fast and urgent.

I feel as if someone is behind me, watching me intently, burning a hole in the back of my head. I feel a sound  behind me  and I turn, looking over my shoulder. My eyes are drawn up to the clear blue sky and I gaze upon what appears to be a star, a very bright star, a tiny day-star. It is stationary, but no, it is coming right toward me, charging. I cannot move — I would not move and there is no time anyway. Noise increases in my head and I am calm and simply curious. A tiny point of light has come upon me and strikes before I can blink. It has come to me with a purpose and a driving, immediate intent.

Whiteness explodes and surrounds me as this pinprick of light enters into my side — I am blinded by this light as it expands all around me. It is consuming everything in its path as it expands into a large sphere of light. The fields and nearby trees are fading away, and now the distant houses. This intense clarity has absorbed everything  I could see from a central point outwards — that point being me, squatting by a pile of rocks.

Yes, here I am. I am squatting by a pile of rocks. I look over and see the wheels of the bicycle spinning, only now more slowly, and now not at all. The southern Spanish wind begins to blow calmly once again as I contemplate my rocks and what just happened.

Something has changed within me — somthing is within me that is defined and focussed but I cannot place it. In my stillness I am alert. My morning funk is gone, replaced with a feeling that all things are well. I look around and see that all things are exactly as they are, perfect and in place, and I know that all things do, indeed, come to pass.

A Greater Reality

January 6, 2010

oberon and titaniaOberon and Titania, by Sir Joseph Noel Patton, 1849

During the various Inquisitions, the prevailing attitude of the church and its “divinely-inspired” agents of the lord was “Kill them all. God will know his own.”

This attitude was applied mercilessly and exhaustively to any non-christian heretic, such as Witches, Werewolves, Midwives, and Cathars (men and women alike) with great pleasure. However, it was not just non-believers the church wished to destroy.

For those not subjected to brutal torture and burning, help was needed for them so they could enter into the bosom of this benevolent church. For this to happen, belief had to be changed. Psychological warfare was employed to erase the understanding of these other realities and the beings of these non-physical domains. This style of warfare was applied with the same efficacy as any other method. Again, since this enemy could not be killed,  the nether-worlds had to be forgotten or feared. Because these realms were “untouchable”, it was this reality that threatened the church more than anything else — it was in direct competition with the church’s profit-potential. It is nothing new to us today that competition must be eradicated or assimilated, so the only solution to this problem was a great forgetting by the population through misinformation. However, this would prove to be a difficult task in the long run, for here we are today- remembering.

In near-to-physical, parallel and quantum realities, intelligence still exists as it always has, and if we just turn our attention in that direction, we will discover a greater reality. In this reality, life is teeming, and you will not need a church to guide or dictate you behavior and beliefs. A great variety of beings exist in a place that literally touches our skin. This space that we share is filled with, among other things, what are called salamanders, undines, gnomes, sylphs, angels, daemons, and ETs. Unfortunately, applying the names we have to these entities can conjure up wholly inaccurate images in our minds by our arrogance and misunderstanding – this is much like calling an apple a grapefruit, but a fruit is a fruit, and at least we have a point of reference… . 

I recently came across the painting shown above, and it struck me so deeply that I had to post it. Like many other paintings, this image reveals something we care not to think of in serious terms. We have chosen to forget certain things for want of material reward and even basic survival in this dog-eat-dog society, but it is time now to forget something else.

We must forget what centuries of repression, oppression and mind-control has done to our awareness of  these other realities, and then choose to remember. We must re-member what our senses are capable perceiving. We must re-member aspects of our world that may not be in the realm of physical matter. It is time to stop dissecting reality and put things back together. It is time to bring these cast-off places back into our world, and work and play within it and with its inhabitants. It is time to bring an attitude of kindness and friendliness into these ancient and timeless places, and then experience  riches beyond anything that could fill our wallets, purses and bank-accounts.

Can you say AMEN to that?

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