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October 25, 2010

*Ron Gasparri*, founder of MSI – Modern Scientific Illuminism, colleague, co-conspirator and friend has been so kind and generous to have written and posted a terribly good review for the book “Dreams of the Magus – Where Angels Fear to Tread.” It is as follows –


Indirect Prose, Profoundly Enlightening, Esoteric & Kabbalistic Revelation

“Some books are well-written. Some books have relevant information. Some books are filed with grand, meaningless rhetoric. G. Peter Madstone’s “Dreams of the Magus” is well-written, contains relevant information and has meaning throughout its easily readable, flowing style that is reminiscent of Robert Anton Wilson’s style, as found in his masterpiece, “Quantum Psychology.” Before I go on, I have to proudly disclose that Pete is a good friend of mine and rather than assume that would skew this review in a positive direction, it actually made me read it with a more critical eye. That’s the point; as near and dear as the Western Esoteric Tradition is to me, I would never actively promote anything that claims to be a device for illumination that didn’t provide any light at all.

I read “Dreams of the Magus” in one sitting and that’s how I recommend everyone reads it. There are obvious Kabbalistic allusions throughout this book and in this context, both the new aspirant and seasoned Esotericist alike will appreciate, and receive. Many have the perception that Magick is just something that Harry Potter does with his wand in hand. After reading this book, not only will that misconception be erased, it will be exceedingly clear that there is far less “hocus pocus” involved at all. The overall implication I took away from this lucid, well written guide is that Magick is a lifestyle that empowers one to take responsibility for every aspect of his or her life. It is a proactive approach that leaves Chaos as little room as possible to meddle, and that is not paranormal at all. That shouldn’t diminish the importance of active ritual, but it should put it in context. Universal energy made use of to manifest a desired reality works best when one ensures it can augment self under the best possible conditions.

There a few typos that made into the final draft, but they do nothing to take away from the value of this guide that should be in every serious student’s collection.”


Added to this review comes another 5 star rating! Of course, as author of this book, I will take a shameless moment to also blow the same horn. This is an extremely valuable book which can benefit anyone who reads it in some unimaginable ways. That’s it…

You can buy this book anywhere online or order it from you local independent booksellers if you prefer to support the  smaller entrepreneurial spirits that drive our culture in non-homogenized ways. For now, here’s a link to my Amazon book page –


Shiva and the Misty Shores of Maya

May 28, 2010

Let’s consider Shiva just a little more deeply. I have mentioned that Shiva is most obviously entangled in “Karma” (the wheel of death and eventual rebirth – the ultimate reclamation and re-assembly) and specifically dissolution. This relates Shiva (for us westerners) to Saturn as the Lord of Karma and also to time (Chronos) itself, for when something doesn’t experience time, something does not, or cannot age. Things do not dissolve where time does not exist.

It is taught by many disciplines that this “Karma” can be transcended — that we can remove ourselves from this vicious cycle of unconscious birth and rebirth, time after time after time. To go into details, again, would take more than the space a blog posting would permit, but to put things most simply, this is done by removing oneself from time itself, while appearing to remain in a world where time reigns. In my book “Dreams of the Magus” I discuss time and related concepts more deeply, but can say here that time is the result of light passing through and around a gravitational field, i.e. physical matter.

We all know stories of “enlightened beings” from our past who have been able to display skills such as levitation, bi-location, healing of dis-ease and substance transmutation and multiplication. These are those who have transcended the phenomena of time, and therefore Karma — but where have these masters gone? Did they ascend into the reality/myth of the “light body”, and if so, was there evidence that they had actually existed (e.g. a dead corpse in place of what once was)? Was this body mummified for posterity’s sake, or burnt on a pyre reserved for those who have moved on from this miserable place of existence? Would this sort of thing mean that in spite of a master’s transcendence, the body still would die? Has one such as this actually removed themselves from the effects of time while still having their body feel the ravages of this same time that no longer influences them?

It is important to say that, even while these questions of skepticism are healthy, it IS all moot, for whether the body dies or not, we continue on, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is in this body and this physical world that we change our paths — it is here that we awaken, and nowhere else. Then the body matters not. It truly becomes irrelevant to our true existence, but all the while remains while it serves its simple purpose as a vehicle. It is, after all, importance that is transcended.

So, do we remain subservient in Shiva’s realm until we release the physical form (or its importance and attached identity)? If spiritual transcendence  is beyond our “capacity,” then Brahma  rebirths us and the three remain, doing as they do while we stumble on, oblivious to their existence in this world of appearances. There is a place where Shiva is the destroyer, but in a larger sense he is the creator, influential and powerful. There is a place where Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma  and we are one — we are partners in this triumvirate creative process. This place is forever touching our skin and passing through us, and the games of the gods affect us differently, for now we understand that this is not a game.

We CAN remove ourselves from time and Karma in this physical life and become one with the gods, for this is the only place it can be done, otherwise we pass into obscurity and unconscious rebirth once again. We can free ourselves from this moment in time and decide when, in choice and consciousness, we want to be one in the realm of Shiva .

Meanwhile, in part, I remain a killer, a destroyer, in order to allow creation to flower and fruit in its fullest expression, and again I will choose to land upon the beautiful and misty shores of Maya to walk with a friend, kill aphids, and again, it will be BY CHOICE.


Dreams of the Magus Awarded 5 Stars

April 27, 2010

Pete Madstone Receives Another Shining Review for “Dreams of the Magus.”

Raven Digitalis, published Llewellyn author has awarded Pete Madstone’s book “Dreams of the Magus” Five Stars. Raven says it “is an especially relevant text for those wishing to gain new perspective in their magick or spiritual path.”

Raven’s review as follows –

“One word: Paradox. I have only read a handful of books in my life that explore the often-overlooked ‘divine dichotemy’ of spiritual Paradox. The force of Paradox is the one thing that upholds and maintains all of reality. Nothing is ‘this’ and nothing is ‘that.’ At the same time, magicians, Witches, and innumerable other spiritual path-walkers so often quarrel over details. In my eyes, one must step back from the smaller bits in order to see the bigger picture. Magus Madstone’s text addresses the so-called ‘bigger picture’ of magick, spirituality, and (most importantly) the nature of reality itself. Undertaking the daring task of putting these reflections to form, this book can be considered a collection of multidimensional observations funneled into a single-dimensional reality for the sake of communication.

“This book is clearly part of the author’s Great Work, or spiritual calling. The author touches on spiritual truths and questions that permeate numerous religions and belief systems around the world, yet never tells someone that they must believe–or observe reality–exactly how the author himself does. As a messenger of higher truths (as well as even higher questions), Dreams of the Magus is an especially relevant text for those wishing to gain new perspective in their magick or spiritual path. Those who are wishing to put aside their ultra-analytical (and often academically-overloaded) occult minds will find solace in the intuitive-yet-profound nature of this text. Those who feel a natural inclination to the intuitive, meditative, or reflective aspects of esoteric spirituality will feel a particular connection to the text. This book is simultaneously written in a mystical, challenging style reminiscent of Robert Anton Wilson, while at the same time structured in a contemplative, altruistic style reminiscent of Thich Nhat Hanh. Regardless of what ‘type’ of magician or spiritual seeker you are, there is extreme benefit in reading this mind-expanding, reality-questioning, self-analytical text.”

–Raven Digitalis, author of Shadow Magick Compendium & Planetary Spells and Rituals

You can find Raven’s website at –
and his books at –

The Cell has Divided

March 12, 2010

Due to the amount of personal email I have been receiving regarding “Dreams of the Magus”, I have happily decided to devote a blog to this book, and will no longer be using the Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc. website for the purpose of handling items concerned with this book.

Admittedly, the new layout I have chosen had a big influence in this decision, for while I had been pondering the idea over the last couple of months, when I finally saw this layout with its colors and flexibilty, I knew the time had come – and so it is.

You can find this website at or on the DotM banner at the top of the sidebar to the right.

I hope to see direct involvement with this blog, comments (upon comments upon comments) pertaining to the book and those ideas that it inspires in you. I also hope that you enjoy and are stimulated by the ideas I present in blog postings, for this is where conversation can truly take place. The other pages on this blog are fixed pages for informative purposes only, but I also supply a contact page for your private contact.

Bearing this in mind, this blog also serves as a media package providing informaton to the book industry itself – reviewers and other professionals can also contact me via this form. You will find a link to this form on the Navigation menu entitled “Contact Madstone”.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm – I hope to see you there soon.


Dreams of the Magus – Press Release

February 25, 2010

“Enlightenment is Easy,” says Madstone

Aquitaine, France (PressExposure) February 21, 2010 —

 Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to become enlightened? Have you ever even considered the possibility as an attainable reality?

Happily, G. Peter Madstone – Mystery Keeper, has determined that not only is it easy to realize this higher state of existence, but it is absolutely necessary for the survival and evolution of the species.

The details of the process and what must be done in approaching this unapproachable are presented in Pete’s new book ‘Dreams of the Magus ‘ Where Angels Fear to Tread’. In ‘Dreams of the Magus’ the Author says, “Know that what you wish is – it is as simple as that.”

Of course he would admit that there is a little more to it than that, but Madstone has a way of peeling away the complexities of our material and spiritual existences, and putting things in a way that is not only accessible, but challenging and revolutionary, both in his message and presentation.

‘Dreams of the Magus’ is obviously influenced by Kaballah, Taoism, and other forms of Eastern thought, but the information is handed to the reader in a way the Western mind will find easily approachable.

The book is now available by order at major and local booksellers, as well as on the Internet’s book merchant websites.

Dreams of the Magus is available for purchase here –

Further Information and an introduction to “Dreams of the Magus”, along with the Author’s Bio and FAQ Sheet is available on Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc. Blog at –

Press Release Source:

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