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October 25, 2010

*Ron Gasparri*, founder of MSI – Modern Scientific Illuminism, colleague, co-conspirator and friend has been so kind and generous to have written and posted a terribly good review for the book “Dreams of the Magus – Where Angels Fear to Tread.” It is as follows –


Indirect Prose, Profoundly Enlightening, Esoteric & Kabbalistic Revelation

“Some books are well-written. Some books have relevant information. Some books are filed with grand, meaningless rhetoric. G. Peter Madstone’s “Dreams of the Magus” is well-written, contains relevant information and has meaning throughout its easily readable, flowing style that is reminiscent of Robert Anton Wilson’s style, as found in his masterpiece, “Quantum Psychology.” Before I go on, I have to proudly disclose that Pete is a good friend of mine and rather than assume that would skew this review in a positive direction, it actually made me read it with a more critical eye. That’s the point; as near and dear as the Western Esoteric Tradition is to me, I would never actively promote anything that claims to be a device for illumination that didn’t provide any light at all.

I read “Dreams of the Magus” in one sitting and that’s how I recommend everyone reads it. There are obvious Kabbalistic allusions throughout this book and in this context, both the new aspirant and seasoned Esotericist alike will appreciate, and receive. Many have the perception that Magick is just something that Harry Potter does with his wand in hand. After reading this book, not only will that misconception be erased, it will be exceedingly clear that there is far less “hocus pocus” involved at all. The overall implication I took away from this lucid, well written guide is that Magick is a lifestyle that empowers one to take responsibility for every aspect of his or her life. It is a proactive approach that leaves Chaos as little room as possible to meddle, and that is not paranormal at all. That shouldn’t diminish the importance of active ritual, but it should put it in context. Universal energy made use of to manifest a desired reality works best when one ensures it can augment self under the best possible conditions.

There a few typos that made into the final draft, but they do nothing to take away from the value of this guide that should be in every serious student’s collection.”


Added to this review comes another 5 star rating! Of course, as author of this book, I will take a shameless moment to also blow the same horn. This is an extremely valuable book which can benefit anyone who reads it in some unimaginable ways. That’s it…

You can buy this book anywhere online or order it from you local independent booksellers if you prefer to support the  smaller entrepreneurial spirits that drive our culture in non-homogenized ways. For now, here’s a link to my Amazon book page –


Honesty – the Better Part of Valor?

April 1, 2010

I must be totally honest with you and say one thing to begin — This world bores me, but, an explanation is in order.

I receive no satisfaction from the excessive hype of conspicuous consumerism, profit-margins or portfolios in Bull Markets, but please read on. Product propaganda and branding, branding, branding is designed to convince me that I am lacking, and it tells me that it will  alleviate  my emptiness  and anxiety  if I go shopping — this confuses me. Television has no purpose in my life, for it is a tool of fear-mongering fools using incessant drivel and subtle thought-manipulation that would guide me in my life and the choices I would make. This insipid message that would be continually pumped into my brain would tell me how to think, feel and live my life.

I have divorced myself from this world and have no time for its continued conditioning. With the little I have given up, the little that there was to release was no real sacrifice for me to make, and I have been filled with a substance that is much more than even the word love could describe.

It can be said:

Before enlightenment — chop wood, haul water.

After enlightenment — chop water, haul wood.

I hope you have decided to follow me this far, because today I have reached out for something more. I see beauty all around me. I see this beauty in nature, in people, and now, yes, even in shopping malls, bulls and bears. I devote myself to joy and all that is in my life. I take joy in my hammer, compass and square (no, I am not a Free-mason, I am a Free-carpenter). I go shopping without knowing what to buy, for no one has told me what to buy. I acquire things as they come to me without the need to acquire. Things fill no empty spaces within me, for things cannot do this. These spaces are filled with purpose of existence and experience now.

I seek no thrill in any rhetoric, be it other’s or my own. I am content with creation in all its expressions and variation. All things are equally beautiful, and it is from these things that I choose. The world is still a place of excess, but it is now a place of excessive beauty since I have turned my back on things that seem contrary.

I now smile at those I see and smiles shine back at me. I know no one around me, and yet they know me. Stories about me surround me and yet I hear them not. Wonder never ceases to amaze me, and I allow myself to know nothing so that I can continue to wonder.

All this I aspire to.

So… , I must now be totally honest with myself and say one thing to finish — This world no longer bores me, for I have reached into a place (and continue to do so) that is different than what I have known before. I have reached into this place, and each time I bring a little bit of it back into our ordinary world. By doing so, this ordinary world changes for me. There is no explanation for this strange conversion and it is not a matter of enlightenment, satori or nirvana. It is simply that there is a key in all I see, and a secret always waiting to be revealed. It is a peeling away of the layers of an onion.

I will say it again — This world no longer bores me.

Deception and the Beauty Within

January 24, 2010


how things can be hidden 

Recently I stumbled across an interesting forum discussion where I decided to get involved. It didn’t take long before someone confronted me with some typical rhetoric of “a beautiful world” and that we must deny the “ugliness that so often tempts us, and draws us away from God.” It was said that I must have some serious demons within me that I must deal with, and that I must seek peace to heal myself, something that is “so obviously needed.” Some comments about Tolle’s pain-body followed.

I am sure that I do have “demons within me”, and am thankful for this, for in the typical dualized-thought that is so popular in this world, I could not deny this. What I deny is any wickedness or evil within this quality. I say again and again, this aspect of ourselves cannot be denied if we wish to be whole, remember who we are, and reclaim what is ours.

Apparently, I dwell upon deception a bit too much for some who want to see a “la-de-da, isn’t this a beautiful world” reality. For me, this is outright denial of the gift of the Adversarial Quality that our One-Consciousness continually offers us so that we can see the beauty in life – not by denial, but by clarity.

Deception is not ugly, but it is seasonal, and it does not exist independently in a real sense, for it always has to be laid over any given truth that it is designed to hide. It needs something within it, something to support it, and that something is truth. Deception paradoxically is a blanket, or layers of blankets laid upon our beds which keep us warm and secure in the winters of our lives. We choose to use these blankets. When the world becomes more harsh and the storms blow hard outside our homes, we like those blankets. As the winter passes, we peel these blankets off our beds, one-by-one until the sun reaches its peak in the sky. The truth lies under these layers of blankets just as we do when the winter settles in, and all nature goes to sleep. Things are eventually exposed in the clear light of summer days, and in the clear light of mind.

Failure to examine or admit the existence of these blankets in your life will have you never see the truth that lies beneath them. Cast them off, as is so easily done, and see the glittering prize beneath. See the way deceptions function, and when the following winters comes, you will not be controlled by them.

Our winter has come to an end – our spring is well-established and a new summer floats on the horizon of another new age. Everything is being brought to light for us all, and within us all – even if we fail to see this. All things exist to reveal truth, for life as we experience it is an evolving, symbolic metaphor.


lines reconnected

A Greater Reality

January 6, 2010

oberon and titaniaOberon and Titania, by Sir Joseph Noel Patton, 1849

During the various Inquisitions, the prevailing attitude of the church and its “divinely-inspired” agents of the lord was “Kill them all. God will know his own.”

This attitude was applied mercilessly and exhaustively to any non-christian heretic, such as Witches, Werewolves, Midwives, and Cathars (men and women alike) with great pleasure. However, it was not just non-believers the church wished to destroy.

For those not subjected to brutal torture and burning, help was needed for them so they could enter into the bosom of this benevolent church. For this to happen, belief had to be changed. Psychological warfare was employed to erase the understanding of these other realities and the beings of these non-physical domains. This style of warfare was applied with the same efficacy as any other method. Again, since this enemy could not be killed,  the nether-worlds had to be forgotten or feared. Because these realms were “untouchable”, it was this reality that threatened the church more than anything else — it was in direct competition with the church’s profit-potential. It is nothing new to us today that competition must be eradicated or assimilated, so the only solution to this problem was a great forgetting by the population through misinformation. However, this would prove to be a difficult task in the long run, for here we are today- remembering.

In near-to-physical, parallel and quantum realities, intelligence still exists as it always has, and if we just turn our attention in that direction, we will discover a greater reality. In this reality, life is teeming, and you will not need a church to guide or dictate you behavior and beliefs. A great variety of beings exist in a place that literally touches our skin. This space that we share is filled with, among other things, what are called salamanders, undines, gnomes, sylphs, angels, daemons, and ETs. Unfortunately, applying the names we have to these entities can conjure up wholly inaccurate images in our minds by our arrogance and misunderstanding – this is much like calling an apple a grapefruit, but a fruit is a fruit, and at least we have a point of reference… . 

I recently came across the painting shown above, and it struck me so deeply that I had to post it. Like many other paintings, this image reveals something we care not to think of in serious terms. We have chosen to forget certain things for want of material reward and even basic survival in this dog-eat-dog society, but it is time now to forget something else.

We must forget what centuries of repression, oppression and mind-control has done to our awareness of  these other realities, and then choose to remember. We must re-member what our senses are capable perceiving. We must re-member aspects of our world that may not be in the realm of physical matter. It is time to stop dissecting reality and put things back together. It is time to bring these cast-off places back into our world, and work and play within it and with its inhabitants. It is time to bring an attitude of kindness and friendliness into these ancient and timeless places, and then experience  riches beyond anything that could fill our wallets, purses and bank-accounts.

Can you say AMEN to that?

The Forgotten Truth

May 3, 2009

The argument has been settled now for a long time, and the consensus is that we do indeed have problems. Gross injustices have occurred in our past, and they continue to occur in every moment, whether they are forever escalating or just rhythmically cycling. Our problems are enough to disturb even the most jaded, who, while responding by the turning of the back, do respond. Many others will admit that all this is a terrible thing, but what can we do about it? We all have our own problems, and while wishing for a better world, we simply say that we don’t have the time. My response to this, at this point, is that these problems don’t have to be responded to. We have already lost the ability to respond to anything effectively, and this is only because our priorities are so completely out of order that we cannot see the forest for the trees. There really is only one thing to respond to in this world, and that is ourselves.

We are overwhelmed with psychic pollution. Fresh, but nutritionally empty, fruit and rotting vegetables are being slung at us from every direction in the form of fear. We are then bombarded by solutions for this fear in the form of commercially-corrupted sacred images and symbols that are now used in the form of Church, State, and Corporate Logos.

Note the infamous cruci-fiction (my spelling) of one man originally called Yeheshua serving as the Logos for the now fanatic but quickly dying neo-orthodox and ancient Christian Churches. Note also the widespread establishment of sacred geometrical corporate logos as the standard throughout the capitalist industry. Images and icons of Gods and Goddessses surround us – what is this about? All these symbols have stimulated an appetite in our souls for millennia, only now our appetite has changed from the “primitive”, but conscious, attitude of hunger for spiritual sustenance to a more base, and completely unconscious, hunger for material substance. We are completely ignorant of how deeply we need to not only keep up with the Joneses, but to surpass them. We cannot share with them, let alone know them, for they are our competition. We must put our noses to the grindstone, noticing nothing that is human in others but their feet. We must work our fingers to the bone “just to get by”, while we dream of a future where we might excel. Someday….

the egyptian winged sun-disk

Chrysler Egyptian Winged Sun-Disk

Sacred Symbology permeates all we know and recognize, but in our ignorance of the truth, we respond to these symbols, these logos, with the only thing we know of our own appetites – instant gratification of our senses through the capitalist placebo called shopping. These logos work not only on our own subconscious’ , but on those whom the logos represent. The word logos, after all, usually implies some aspect of God, such as the divine, animating force behind all the universe, or even to God itself. This allows the logo to carry an immense power behind it, as each day Chrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche and his board-members enter their main headquarters, they glance at their logo, and say to themselves “This is my company, this is my logo, this is my God”. Even they are hypnotized by their own workings, but they are also conscious of these workings. Are they spiritual men? Maybe, maybe not – the power of the talisman works regardless of the man, the religion, or the church.
Pentagram within Pentagon

Truncated Pentagram within Pentagon

It is our joy, our bliss, our happiness that is the core issue with all of humanity and its problems. We are distracted to the point that devotion to ourselves and the aforementioned qualities are so far from being attainable, that they have fallen completely off the bottom of our list of priorities. This pursuit of inner balance should be the only thing on that list, all other things spontaneously arising from this state.
This isn’t a religious thing – it is a model, or blueprint, that we are built around, and something that has been known for a long time, being only now in the hands of a select few. No matter how cheap your thrills are, no matter what the mask your desires take, it is all based upon reaching some level of feeling good, some level of joy, some level of bliss. We are already doing as we are designed to do, however we are the fish who go after the poorly-crafted man-made fly instead of waiting for a real insect to present itself on the surface of the water. We are the people who go after the poorly-crafted man-made lie instead of real sustenance.
Baby-Boy Bush once said, “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me … you can’t get fooled again”. Well, let’s make this idiotic mantra actually serve us, for we have only been misdirected. Let us solve our own inner problems first by accepting our power to govern ourselves, and our power to choose our bliss. Let us seek time for ourselves, knowing that we can’t save the world unless we save ourselves first. We must developed some semblance of self-control and greater purpose that is sourced from within us to solve all these problems of the outer world, for all our problems are created by our power within, and they can be solved only by our power within. Seek this realization of self where all is one, follow that up with an unbending desire for bliss, and see the world change around you.
Granted, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow – certain restrictions may still exist in our lives, and certain challenges, but we can refuse to be confounded by them, and refuse to be weakened by them anymore. We can even adopt certain symbols and talismans ourselves, making them ours once again through a variety of specific practices,  and we will witness our realities change both in profound and subtle ways just as they have for eons of time, and as they continue to do so for those who sell us their own versions of God. Begin to choose for yourself, and participate in your own life by discarding these cheapened versions of God. Instill within those symbols in your life a true substance, both a fresh and ancient meaning, then accept this meaning that now lives within you and fulfills without discrimination. Take back this power that is yours.

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