“The Voice of the Pyramid”


“The Voice of the Pyramid – a Blueprint for the Coming Age”
Cathy Evans

While much has been said about pyramids in Egypt, in The Voice of the Pyramid, Cathy Evans presents a revolutionary idea that the shape of the pyramids themselves display as much in their own right as in anything else addressed thus far regarding these ancient and mysterious objects. This simple idea is detailed with over 60 black and white diagrams and drawings, with a friendly prose delivering the story, making this book accessible to all. While many pyramids might contain much in the way of symbolism engraved upon their walls, the Great Pyramid of Giza is bereft of any symbolism other than its own simple design. This in itself indicates a supreme importance where there is no symbolic meaning indicated elsewhere. We know the Egyptians lived in a symbolic richness that they displayed openly and continually, so why not here, on the walls of the King’s Chamber and Queen’s Chambers, and why not in the majestic Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid?

On a day unlike any other, and for many weeks following this remarkable day, Ms. Evans found herself being compelled by certain forces, some familiar and some not, to document her experiences as she felt them. Spiritual forces were hard at work; twisting her mind, bending it, and working with its pliability. Spirit Guides that she was so familiar with were changing their roles before her eyes, and Cathy found herself being changed with them both during meditation and ordinary “waking” moments. The Voice of the Pyramid is a result of those experiences.

Respected Authors such as Schwaller de Lubitz and John Anthony West have exposed the true depth and use of shape, design and symbolism in the ancient Egyptian culture, but no one has yet addressed the Great Pyramid’s shape itself as being its most important and singular message. It is generally accepted that this structure mysteriously has no message to tell us – but The Voice of the Pyramid proves otherwise. It is not, however, a book about “pyramid power”, it is about how this unadorned pyramid displays a blueprint for the whole of humanity and for each individual on this planet. Mapped out by the Pyramid’s design are points and lines defined by its geometric shape that results in a Tree of Life diagram. This pattern displayed by the pyramid provides a map for an individual’s personal inner and spiritual work, growth and evolution. All that we access in life is placed around us in this basic geometric form and pattern. To sum up, in The Voice of the Pyramid, Ms. Evans describes in detail how the Great Pyramid can be looked at as if it is a hieroglyphic talisman in and of itself, needing no other symbolism to elaborate upon its meaning.

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