Author’s Bio

After a liberating, life-changing event Cathy Evans found time enough to become her own best friend and a journey of exploration and self-discovery began. She became a nurse–a caregiver to the elderly. This occupation led her to discover an inner drive to understand spirit sans-religion. In the following years, she had opportunity to be a part of a number of spiritual groups that are abundant in the Southern California area. She became a professional Massage Therapist in order to pursue a freer expression of her healing abilities, and during this time she developed the finer senses of clairvoyance and clairaudience along with other practical and intuitive tools of service such as Tarot various Healing methods from around the world. She quickly began including these “spiritual” skills into the physical work she did called body-work. With a full-fledged massage-practice in hand serving over 20 clients a week, she soon had more than a two thousand hours on the table with her clients, and realized that spirit would never cease to amaze her once the door was open.

Cathy was awarded her B.A. Degree from the California Institute for Human Development in 1999 in San Diego, CA, and soon after became an Ordained Reverend.

She now lives in the south of France with her husband of 15 years, and is reclaiming her contact with the ways of the old and ancient.

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