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The Voice of the Pyramid

If I were a food critic charged with reviewing a meal that was the gastronomic equivalent of THE VOICE OF THE PYRAMID I’d approach that task well-nourished, intrigued … and very much at a loss for words. For I could not tell if I’d eaten fish or fowl or possibly unicorn filet mignon, and the preparation matched no known culinary tradition either.
So with this unassuming and effortlessly original little book – it’s not academic Egyptology, nor any recognizable alternative Egyptology, and yet it ‘feels’ thoroughly Egyptian — supra-rational and at the same time, in its own way, accessible, a profound teaching that is not exactly in plain sight but that functions rather at the edges of inner peripheral vision.  

It is, indeed, a personal vision quest, the material derived from many deep meditation sessions (not to be confused with ‘channelers’). It’s not science, scholarship, symbolism or magic and yet it makes use of all, along the way conjuring up images, names and surprising indirect associations, not necessarily specifically Egyptian: alchemical texts, Castaneda without the peyote, rainforest shamans minus the ayahuasca, crop circles… And there’s an urgency to it, obviously shared by the author and successfully conveyed. It keeps you (me, certainly!) reading.  

John Anthony West
Egyptologist, symbolist, mystic, tour guide
and New York Times Book Reviewer  


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