To Contract or Not Contract

Contract? Contract what?  

I would have never thought about it.    

I would have never thought about it at all, if it were not for my own taking notice of the way words come out of me. I am, of course, speaking of the written word, for with the spoken word, I do absolutely horrific things. The rest remains to be seen.    

In the now old and classic sci-fi series “Star Trek – the Next Generation,” Data, the fleshbound robot, was completely unable to contract any words whatsoever. He dreamed of being able to do so, for he thought it would indicate a certain level of human-ness within him. It seems he so deeply desired to be human, that he didn’t even realize that his dreamy “desire” is most certainly a human quality.    

Needless to say, he got his wish, and started contracting words. While this was extremely important to him, and fascinating (if not baffling) to him when the first contracted word came out of his mouth, I certainly don’t remember how he obtained this “skill” – but he was now more human, and thrilled about it. Apparently contracting words is specifically a human quality, since snakes and birds do not do this.    

While expansive and contractive vortexes might look alike - they are not. It depends which direction you are going.

 Contraction is not an activity restricted only to vortexes, but we are creating a vortex that compresses our expression each time we do contract a word. I have no preference of compressive over expansive vortexes, but I do have a preference for not contracting my words when I write.  

I do, personally, find a lack of contraction much more powerful in delivery than using contraction (I will not mention the language of text messaging here – for it does seem to have its place). Non-contracted words punch harder with delivery – these are words of a higher octane. 

I must say that I am completely adamant about not contracting my words, ever. This just cannot be done in my little world — it is a matter of style. 

 In fact, at this point in my life, I would gladly say that I have been reborn. In fact, I would gladly (and religiously) say that I’ll never contract another word again. 


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6 Responses to “To Contract or Not Contract”

  1. siderealview Says:

    I was looking thru your ‘old’ blog *now that you have a NEW one* and discovered I hadn’t read this one. Not only does it have power in its humor — because of non-contraction, of course — but it is pre-house-roof, I believe and even here you have ascended, been reborn, re-vorticed… so if you had written it (quantum question here a la Schrödinger’s cat) AFTER the roofbeam was on, would that mean your adamancy would be even more ascended? lol great stuff Madstone – timeless

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Hi M !

      Sometimes ideas still pop into my head for Madstone posting, but then they either slip away, or fester from neglect until a rotting stench exudes from my aural canals. You know its funny when you avoid contracting, you usually expand, and hence my other site (number 3 and counting, plus an association as founding member with another). So, I am pulled in many ways and decided that for now, due to my economic lifestyle, I would pursue predominatly one direction, and that would be one that would most likely create warm, even hot-off-the-presses, cash. So, we’ll see…

      Aren’t we all Edwin’s cat? ;D

      Adamantly – I would have to say yes (another smiley face for you, my dear)!

      Hey – thanks for the amazon review! You are as kind as you are intelligent AND beautiful !

  2. siderealview Says:

    ah – such kindness from a friend and yes, the poor cat is still there in all its guises….

    I wanted to surprise you on the review — wondered how long it would take you to catch it! You’re too quick for your esoteric boots! So glad it appeals.

    While absolutely NOT in the same league as your magnificent musings, I’ve just been listed on Amazon for my little historical fantasy, Phantom’s Child, but while it’s not ascension material, its story has its own reality – so if you feel like browing, it’s at

    Happy hols and New Year to you both

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Ahhh – that’s awesome you have Phantom’s Child up – is that the same as the Shasta book retitled, or is that one still on the plate. I see you have another book from some years back, too. I didn’t know you were already vet from the trenches!

      Congrats on your listings – are you going international with the CS proplan?

      Happy hols to you, too!

      G. Pete

  3. Marian Says:

    ah — thank you for your interest and GREAT memory. No, it’s a new novel – last year’s NaNo which Createspace gave prize for, so galvanized by that and your magnificent efforts (you and Cathy), I went for it – all the way you suggested, bless you proplan US bank etc. They ARE a little provincial about us foreigners -not providing a link to or fr, – I have another compatriot author friend who is a neighbor of yours who would love to go the route and save massively on overseas postage, but one can only suggest…
    … meanwhile, on SHASTA thankyou for asking, I *think* I’ve got a Vermont publisher who’ll do it entire… should hear after the festivities…..
    ps happy solstice to you, Cathy, felines pooch froglets and gnomes all
    am tasting CA sunshine between sleety rain, but an improvement on scandinavian weather fronts…. xxxM

    • Pete Madstone Says:

      Oh my goodness, M ! Where have I been? What have I done? What am I doing? Where am I going? Where have I been?

      Ouch, an endless stream of non-sequiter running in circles – is that possible?

      Love you, Marian! I hope you’re well.

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